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Bark for Peace!

An unexpected death

October 15th, 2010 . by lisa knaggs

On the way home tonight, after a day full of dogs at the shelter and then massages with the fabulous three-legged Spot, and her valiant protector Guinness, I thought I saw a log in the middle of the unpaved county road…until I drove closer and saw fresh blood pooled outside of a young coyote’s open mouth.

I parked and slowly approached, watching for the rhythmic motion of breathing or a heartbeat.  Once my dread was confirmed, I stroked her over sized ears and fluffy coat and felt my eyes moisten.  I called my neighbor who refused to help me bury her (ugh), so I grabbed a pillow sham from the car and returned to her side.

Then I tearfully stroked her, anointed her, and gently picked up her almost flawlessly beautiful, and still soft, body to the side of the road, while Clementine and Cool Hand Luke watched from inside the Subie  The rest of the way home, Clem was quiet, unusually so, and Luke gave me tender kisses.  I prayed for her friends and family, who are surely grieved by her tragic death.  I am sad.