Bark for Peace!
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Bark for Peace!

Scoop the Poop (& the cigs) PLEASE!

May 27th, 2008 . by blogadmin

It’s hard for me to believe but apparently true since the evidence is so obvious- people around the Hill of Life (aka “The Big Hill”) on the Greenbelt aren’t practicing Leave No Trace ethics.

“Take only photos, leave only foot prints.”

We picked up several piles of xtra poop (in biodegradable/compostable poop bags, of course!) and quite a few cigs…c’mon folks, carry it in, carry it out! Thanks! Just barkin’ for peace! woof!woof!

Good Green Friends

May 17th, 2008 . by blogadmin

Chicago is always good for my soul~ especially now with major life changes happening. And although I’m not a big fan of conferences (and sitting on my bum all day long) the Co-op America Green Business Conference is a stand-out opportunity to listen, learn, connect, blab, exchange ideas, create strategies for marketing together and generally hang out with some pretty cool folks and have loads of fun! I love that Bark for Peace! gives me an avenue to meet and work with other great green friends who are working for transformation through their business ventures! Yeah, there was sushi and sake involved (veggie for me) No names mentioned…

Chicago Dog Goes Crazy…

May 15th, 2008 . by lisa knaggs

… for Bark for Peace! treats!

Last night I was waiting in front of a fancy hotel on Ohio Street and the cutest weimaraner, Izzy, came up to my computer bag sniffing. Of course, I asked her person if I could feed her treats and when I went to get them out, 9 year old Izzy seemed to think I wasn’t moving fast enough! She tore into the packages like a puppy and began eating the FORD’s Favorites right off the sidewalk! Needless to say, I was delighted and we consider Izzy one of our top Chicago fans!

Izzy eats a sample cardIzzy Steals FORD’s FavoritesIzzy jumps sky high for Jerky Chews

The Eco El

May 13th, 2008 . by lisa knaggs

Long before I visited the Cubbies’ hometown for the first time, I’d grown fond of the rhythmic clatter of the elevated commuter train system, fondly known as the “El” , through it’s frequent appearances on ER.

Not only is it such an enjoyable way to travel (talk about carefree!) but it’s also saving loads of carbon emissions by getting people where they need to go without cars!  And it’s perfect for me since I’m in town for the Green Business Conference, which starts tomorrow!

EL Train poster

Chicago is always a pleasure to visit, and the El is one of the many reasons! woof!woof! for public transportation!

Veggin’ Out

May 10th, 2008 . by lisa knaggs

It was great fun to hang out with the Vegetarian Network of Austin folks Saturday night and eat some super delicious vegan fare! I was especially pleased that there were so many savory & spicy dishes…uuuuuummmmm!

After dinner I did a little low-key demo of how to make some easy (one spoon and one bowl!) treats you can enjoy WITH your dog! No measuring necessary- you know your dog is ecstatic with your creation and very forgiving of our less-than-perfect but absolutely wonderful offerings!

Here are the ingredients (organic, of course!) I used: ground flax seed meal-mixed with warm filtered water (egg subsitute); xtra virgin olive oil; spinach*; zucchini*; garlic*; basil*; quinoa flour; sorghum flour; turmeric; himalayan salt.  [all fresh from Boggy Creek Farm]

Mix all together with spoon, then knead like clay into balls (this can be very therapeutic!) pinch off little bits and place on cookie sheet (we line with unbleached parchment) bake at 275º for an hour or so. And don’t worry, if they’re under baked, just pop them back in, if they’re a little over-browned your dogs will almost surely love them just as much, or more! Enjoy!

Malkah chowing down on some FORD”s Favorites

Here’s precious little 6 month old Malkah (which means “Queen” in Hebrew) enjoying her first FORD’s Favorites! She loved them!

Still Life with Dogs?

May 10th, 2008 . by blogadmin


Still a fun day was had by all as we paraded nine, count ‘em nine, dogs through our backyard to sit on chairs at the table and watch (salivating!) while I chowed down on Bark for Peace! Sweet Potato Jerky Chews! (luckily for me, I really do enjoy chowing down on them!)

Kippy and Paula on cue

Trainer Paula Baker-Prince and her Kippy are amazing!

We were thrilled to have the accomplished photographer Ali Faroud come and photograph our treats and some of our favorite Friends and Fans! Look for the final shot coming soon- but let’s give him some time to spend in post- I mean, NINE DOGS around the table! if we get 5-6 good ones, I’ll be thrilled!

with Ali in the backyard

And by the way, just like peanut butter, jerky chews can stick to the roof of your mouth- kinda freaky look, huh? (btw, all the flowers are native or adapted ones from our front garden, sweet!)

me eating for camera

Fresh from Boggy Creek Farm

May 7th, 2008 . by lisa knaggs

Only because I really, really love them  (the dogs) did I bring home any of the sweet, juicy, luscious strawberries I picked myself this morning at Boggy Creek Farm. And oh, were they amazing! We all savored them! (and some of us even did tricks for them!)

Bounce works for BCF  org StrawberriesClementine chomps down a gorgeous BCF org strawberry

Settling In

May 6th, 2008 . by lisa knaggs

Which doesn’t always mean settling down, right?

As Banjo gets more and more and more comfortable, he is coming out of his shell and becoming more and more playful! How fun! We figure this is his proper puppyhood time ’cause it’s all about play and exploration! We’re still taking things slowly and monitoring all interactions between the dogs, especially with the long and spotty one since he’s still got hormones and she’s ALWAYS sporting those very sexy spots! (plus, we know her history and we want to do all we can to ensure they get off on a good paw and learn to co-exist without always engaging- that’s even hard for me! :) )

Banjo poses in the front yard

Banjo and Clementine meeting in the backyard

Banjo is a Happy Boy!

Banjo about town

May 4th, 2008 . by lisa knaggs

We are loving getting to know our new foster guy, sweet Banjo. Since his life experience has been limited to just a few trusted people and a relatively small surface area, it’s our job to get him out and about in this wide, wonderful world and (hopefully) help him to see that even though it’s sometimes very, very, scary, it’s also pretty fun and exciting!

Banjo at Wheatsville expansion groundbreaking

Banjo at Wheatsville expansion groundbreaking

Banjo meets a friend at West End Grooming

Banjo meets a friend at West End Grooming

What a privilege to share this time with him and watch people stop to say hello in gentle, non-invasive ways, as we once-again get to practice co-rescuing.