Bark for Peace!
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Bark for Peace!

The Philosophy of a Cancer Cell

March 23rd, 2008 . by lisa knaggs

From one of my favorite philosophers and social commentators- Opus.Touché.opus-cartoon.jpg 

Sisterly Love

March 12th, 2008 . by lisa knaggs

Couldn’t resist sharing this lovely photo of our two girls.  Doesn’t it just make your heart smile to see two such happy gals? woof!woof! :) Clementine and CupcakeClementine & Cupcake 

The Return of Cupcake

March 9th, 2008 . by lisa knaggs

Our Little Chocolate Cupcake  At just before 7:25 am yesterday morning, there was a sharp rapping on our heavy wood front door.  Since there have been some break-ins in our neighborhood, and since it was way before my wake-up time :) , I was anxious and on edge, flailing hand motions and trying to silently mouth words to Dave who was in the next room.  When the banging repeated, I mustered my courage and blustered, “Who is it?”  I immediately recognized the meek voice of a young woman who identified herself by name, along with the name of her canine companion, “Baby Girl.”  I lept off the futon, excitedly rambling that I was “coming, coming, just a moment, it’s an old door…”As soon as the latch popped and I swung the door open, “Baby Girl” shot inside and Clementine immediately engaged her in a welcome home romp!  The weeping young woman, in large dark sunglasses, told me disturbing details of domestic abuse that both she and her pup had endured. Aghast, I did my best to affirm her for her wise and courageous choice to leave the situation and ensure protection for herself and her dog.  I told her that she could stay with us but she assured me that she had family where she would be safe, and that she had contact information for all the local domestic violence organizations.  This brave woman told me in tears that she knew we loved her precious pup, “yes, yes!” I replied, and that she knew her “Baby Girl” was safe with us.  ”Of course,” I assured her- and then I told her that we would be happy to keep her dog for her until she was ready to have her back.  ”No,” she told me, “I can’t afford a dog right now, I want you to have her.”  I did my best to make it clear that our home was available not only to the dog, but to the young woman if she ever wanted or needed a safe (albeit cluttered!) place to stay. We are tickled pink to have our little Chocolate Cupake back, even as our thoughts and prayers for safety surround the young woman who gave her to us, and all who find themselves in harm’s way.