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Bark for Peace!

A Very Ella Christmas

December 26th, 2007 . by lisa knaggs

I’d heard that she’d already torn through all her packages just to get the Bark for Peace! treats out, so her gifts had been re-wrapped. My nieces were quite excited to have Ella open her gifts for an audience and we obliged, cheering her on.

Ella opening Xmas gift

Ella ripped open her parcels one by one and skipped right over the perfectly lovely toys to snatch her Bark for Peace! treats- when your job is baking dog treats, you love seeing this happen! It really was like a commercial. And finally, when she could take it no more, she grabbed her bag of FORD’s Favorites (also her favorites, as Frances’ notes) and headed for the door.  We all had a hearty laugh and I couldn’t be more delighted!  Merry Christmas, Sweet Ella!

Ella and her FORD’s Favorites on Xmas Day 2007Ella heads out the door with her FF Treats

The Best Christmas Gift(s)

December 24th, 2007 . by lisa knaggs

My Mom has always maintained that no matter how ardent your efforts toward equity, every year there is someone that gets the best Christmas gift, and it’s usually not what you think it will be.

This year Bounce and Clementine got the best gifts, and I never would have guessed it. They actually get a lot of gifts, year round, since they are usually the recipients of the broken or burned bits of treats, plus they test out toys and soap (a gift for us!), balm, bells, lights, etc. But my Mom gave them bandanas, designed by a child patient at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

I thought the bandanas were cute enough, but I wasn’t particularly wowed- that’s just me. Once I tied them on the two goofballs, I started snapping photos, but they wouldn’t sit still. As anyone who has tried to take posed pictures of your dog(s) knows, they rarely pose when you want them to. I imagine it’s the same thing with children.

Off they went rolling and tumbling, wrastling, and snarling around the back yard and then into the house. I took a few terribly unmemorable shots, and shut my camera down since I couldn’t get them to settle and pose. Just then Clementine realized that she could grab Bounce’s bandana and tug him around where ‘ere she went! She was absolutely delighted as she dragged him back and forth and room to room with me laughing hysterically and furiously snapping more unmemorable photos.

Clementine Drags BOunce about

I was trying to explain to Dave what was going on, and lobbying him to leave the computer for the show when I saw Clementine turn the corner for our bedroom. “No she can’t, she isn’t going to, oh my gosh I think she’s gonna pull him onto the… BED! She just pulled him right onto the bed!” (of course he helped with his own propulsion)

Bounce and Clementine on the bed

Nothing so profound as the Gift of the Magi here, but a delightful reminder the of pleasure of pure play, and that’s a pretty spectacular gift!

Bark for Peace!- still bizarre for 2 more days!

December 22nd, 2007 . by blogadmin

Hey Friends and Fans of Bark for Peace!Last two days to check us out at Palmer Auditorium for the new awesome Austin tradition, Keep Austin Bizarre Holiday Shopping Bazaar!!We’ve got loads of super sustainable stocking stuffers for you and your dogs- $10 and under, plus organic and all-natural soaps and shampoos, dog tags made of copper or recycled aluminum, and as always fairly-traded boiled wool & made in the US hemp toys, collars and leashes.  My personal favorite- the jingle bells made from recycled land mine shells. Bark for Peace!- hemp & recycled plastic tote!Join us in ditching plastic bags and sport a stylish Bark for Peace! chemical-free hemp and recycled PET tote! Mention this blog for $5 off a Bark for Peace!  tote, this weekend only at Keep Austin Bizarre!  Austin Recycles and Every day IS Earth Day! woof!woof!

Marvelous Magnet Monday!

December 17th, 2007 . by blogadmin

Well, it’s another gorgeous day in Austin- if only they could all be this way!

Day # 4 for us at Keep Austin Bizarre and I’ve made an Executive Decision! All our fabulous Allison Strine custom B4P! magnets are 20% off, at Keep Austin Bizarre, this Monday only!!! C’mon out, hear some great tunes, munch and sip, and shop locally, shop sustainably, shop doggedly and don’t forget to pick up some marvelous magnets in honor of this marvelous Monday! (just mention the blog and give us a woof!woof!)

FORD”s small paw print

Treat Tastin’ at Keep Austin Bizarre

December 16th, 2007 . by lisa knaggs

Paul and treat

Pleased as Punch Paul- always great to meet a new friend and fan!

Paul and his sister work with indigenous populations in Indonesia and Brazil to get them tools and design support for gorgeous jewelry made from natural and sustainable resources. We love their earthy stuff! Plus, they’re our right next door neighbors at the bazaar, lucky us!

Lottie Chows Down

Frenzy Art makes cool, bright, funky, Day of the Dead accoutrements and Ladi is the designer and fabricator!
He about flipped a lid when he chowed down on a FORD’s Favorites Treats and exclaimed, “oh my GOSH, they really DO taste like a Cheez-it® and I’ve got Cheez-it®s in my booth!”

Keep Austin Bizarre

December 13th, 2007 . by blogadmin

Keep Keepin’ Austin Weird Bizarre, or is it Bazaar???

No matter how you say it, we’re gonna be doin’ it! Come join us at Palmer Auditorium right on the shores of Lake Austin for 10 days of great local music and super local shopping from 11am-1pm starting this Friday Dec 14-23.

We’ll be booth # 31-derful, just barkin’ for peace and peddling all things sustainable for dogs and their people!

Just to tease you (& I’m assuming that your dog is NOT reading over your shoulder, so I’m saying these words not spelling them!) we’ve got: Fabulous Love Your Mutt Recycled Cotton Collars; AnniesSweatshop Recycled Silk NeckTie Collars; incredible Hemp Collars & Toys from the Good Dog Company & Earth Dog ; the very super sensational Verysupercool Greeting cards; B4P! Organic T-shits, B4P! Hemp/Recycled PET Tote Bags; recycled aluminum dog tags; hand-hammered copper dog tags; marvelous magnets; fair-traded boiled wool toys, Organic and All Natural Soaps, Shampoos and Supplements; Super Sustainable Stocking Stuffers under $10, and of course the very best vegan, organic treats you can eat with your dog on the planet, period! Everything we sell is made in the USA of fairly-traded. • Shop locally • shop consciously • shop organically • shop doggedly • woof!woof!