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Bark for Peace!

Yappy Hour- Halloween Style

October 27th, 2007 . by lisa knaggs

Another silly night of dressing up- for fun and frolicking!!!! As the Fairy Treat Goddess, I had the distinct privilege of making many dreams come true!!

sharing is a virtue!
sharing is a virtue! :)

The BEST was when a woman insisted upon apologizing porfusely for the fact that her dog kept insisting upon climbing onto the picnic table (for to better access our treats!)- are you kidding???? We sell dog treats, what an endorsement!!! I was thrilled!! (and they told us “my dog doesn’t eat organic!” “We’re not vegetarians!” [neither are our dogs!] I don’t think he’ll eat that gluten-free stuff!


The dogs were pretty stressed, understandably so- they didn’t pick their costumes!! Clementine was wholly unconvinced by the whole thing- but I think the experience was valuable for her. Life is full of awkward moments.


Bark For Peace! goes to the State Fair of Texas!

October 21st, 2007 . by lisa knaggs

Bark for Peace! had an amazing reception at the State Fair of Texas! We had a blast sharing our delicious and nutritious samples with over 5,000 people during the three(3) weeks of the largest state fair in the United States! Hard to imagine the variety of responses we received to our offer of: “Would you like to sample an organic treat you can eat with your dog?” Everything from “sure, what a great idea!” to “you want me to eat daaaaaaaawg fuuuuuuuuuuude????”

Still, it was great to meet so many (mostly!) eager and receptive folks to our humble efforts at making small moves against destructiveness. I loved talking to the young people- they are keenly aware of the earth’s fragile state and are taking steps to be more responsible that the example we, their elders, have set for them. Thank God! Since Bark for Peae! is the only dog treat on the market in 100% biodegradable/compostable packaging, and we carbon offset all our shipping and delivery, I guess you could say that we’re a leader in reducing carbon paw prints!!

My hope is that we were able to show state fair visitors and all Texans that a small company can make fabulous organic food and take some simple steps to be more sustainable. Hope springs eternal- at least on a good day!