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Bark for Peace!

Herbal Heaven

March 11th, 2009 . by blogadmin

Today was the final day of a most wonderful 8 week class- “Herbs for the Chakras!”   My mind is swimming with loads of information- busily cross referencing new native herbs I’ve learned about as well as old favorites from Chinese, Native American, and Ayurvedic traditions.  Herbalist Ginger Webb’s focus is on local plants- which makes so much sense to me practically and in terms of sustainability.  We had a fun small group of wise women who laughed, shared, and drank a LOT of herbal infusions – talk about a bonding experience!

If you’re in need of delicious herbal teas, herbal tinctures made with organic herbs and organic alcohol, or interested in learning more about the wonderful healing properties of happy herbs, I highly recommend Ginger! (btw, I consider this is no way a commerical, since Ginger is a very good friend~ I’m just braggin’ on her!)  There’s also an article about her in the current issue of Edible Austin magazine! Go Ginger!! woof!woof!

Best Herbalist in Austin!

Best Herbalist in Austin!

Dealing with Stress

November 1st, 2008 . by lisa knaggs

Packing is stressful, period.  I’m probably just anthropomorphizing, but when I look at my dogs I swear they look worried I’m gonna pack them up and ship them off too!  Poor babes, no matter what they’re actually thinking, there’s no doubt they’re feeling uneasy at the very least.

Banjo stayed near all night

Banjo stayed near all night

Through the years I’ve tried to make some xtra fun things happen around packing, and that’s seemed to help the dogs not get so wigged out.  I had hoped to take us all on a long hike, but the day got hot early (“oh, bother” says Pooh) and I ended up picking up boxes, packing tape, going to storage, yada, yada, yada…

So tonight we had very special dinner!  That meant reconstituted raw red meat, organ meat & bones, with organic carrots, kelp & kefir, plus Bark for Peace! crumblies on top~ delish!

Miss Clementine, Mistress of All Things Frivolous, found herself dessert in the form of a fair-trade African percussion instrument, originally purchased from Ten Thousand Villages.  To be fair, it was in the toy bin, which was on the floor since we were packing up boxes, and it had already been designated a “dog toy” since she first sank her teeth in it the week she arrived back in 2005.

Little huntress that she is, she tore it apart and enjoyed every rip & tear!  I think they’re dealing with the stress pretty darn well, all things considered.

Bark for Peace! gets a Blue Ribbon

October 20th, 2008 . by blogadmin
Bark for Peace! got a blue ribbon! woof!woof! :)

Bark for Peace! got a blue ribbon! woof!woof! :)

Had two great days of fun in the sun (& dust!) meeting great folks and seeing old friends, getting inspired by talented makers, and teaching people how to make treats and toys! Pretty dang cool that we were selected as an Editor’s Choice and won a Blue Ribbon! woof!woof!

Action Jackson

August 4th, 2008 . by blogadmin
Action Jackson Begs for Bark for Peace

Action Jackson Begs for Bark for Peace

We loved meeting this sharp Jack Russell last Saturday at the Tarrytown Farmers’ Market.  And of course we loved that despite his excellent training (and very well behaved people!) he couldn’t resist putting his paws on the table and begging for Bark for Peace! treats!!  Lucky boy got to go home with some of everything, including our market specials- frozen pupcakes made with local yogurt!

Habitat Suites

June 30th, 2008 . by blogadmin

A BIG shout-out and thanks to Natalie Marquis and Donald Wells over at Habitat Suites for putting up the Big Green Bus gang in stellar, solar-powered Austin-style! How great is that??  We love this locally-owned more than eco-friendly hotel. woof!woof!

One Type of Trouble

June 25th, 2008 . by blogadmin

Quote of the day, via German Cowboy:

“If you’re the brightest person in the room then you’re in trouble.” – James Watson

Couldn’t agree more!  Happy to be surrounded by brilliance- in human and canid forms! woof!woof!

Bark for Peace! Hosts Darmouth’s BIG GREEN BUS in the ATX

June 24th, 2008 . by blogadmin

Darmouth’s Big Green Bus will be rolling into town this weekend for what we hope will not be just the hottest leg of their summer 2008 tour, but the coolest hang with the great and groovy folks in our hometown of Austin, Texas, USA, Planet Earth. THis über-eco converted school bug runs on veggie waste oil and solar power for their electronics. Take a tour, ask questions, learn how ti works and why these crazy college kids are spending their summer trying to spread the good word. You know we say they’re just barkin’ for peace, baby!

Check them out on Friday from 5-9pm at Wheatsville Co-op and Saturday morning 9am-1pm at the Tarrytown Farmers’ Market. Keep tabs on our blogs for the latest details of the when and wheres while they’re here. Come give ‘em an ATX woof!woof!

Austin’s Cool House Tour

June 16th, 2008 . by blogadmin

Cool House Tour Logo

We think houses that are more energy efficient Bark for Peace! So much so that we’re supporting TSES by volunteering for Austin’s Cool House Tour this Sunday. Come check out the Cool House Tour 2008 where you can visit energy-efficient and environmentally friendly houses in all shapes and sizes! (no McMansions- but loads of thick walls, double paned windows, solar panels and rainwater barrels) To go on the tour, all you have to do is buy a guidebook at any Austin Central Market; ask for them at the Customer Service Desk. I’ll be a docent at the Mueller redevelopment house. Come by and give me a woof!woof!

Beauty & the Beast

June 11th, 2008 . by lisa knaggs

The seasons they are a changin’… it’s been over a 100º most days for the last couple of weeks- egads! What’s a dog, what’s a gal, what’s a farmer to do???

Zinias & Dinosaur Kale

One of the things that happens to me on my weekly stop at Boggy Creek Farm (aka “the Farm”) is that I lose my stress, my worries, my cares- well, not completely but I am drawn to the land and the fertility thereof (which may be waning). In this time of transition, we’re enjoying the very end of the greens, save some of the mustard family which may hold up in the heat for awhile but may be too hot and bitter to enjoy- at least by this palate! Long gone is cilantro, delicate salad greens, tender leafy things. The Zinias are rising- they are colorful, sprite, beautiful. The dinosaur kale is setting- it is textured, curling up upon itself, a bit tough… Side by side they grow in the harsh Texas pre-summer enduring premature triple digit temperatures because they have no other choice. I, for one, am grateful.

Scoop the Poop (& the cigs) PLEASE!

May 27th, 2008 . by blogadmin

It’s hard for me to believe but apparently true since the evidence is so obvious- people around the Hill of Life (aka “The Big Hill”) on the Greenbelt aren’t practicing Leave No Trace ethics.

“Take only photos, leave only foot prints.”

We picked up several piles of xtra poop (in biodegradable/compostable poop bags, of course!) and quite a few cigs…c’mon folks, carry it in, carry it out! Thanks! Just barkin’ for peace! woof!woof!

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